Play online – play secure

There are unfortunately a couple websites with ill repute. Like with all other aspects of life and especially when cash is involved, there are cheats who want to make a quick buck with methods that one may only call deplorable. The goal of this article is to shed some light on those scams, how to avoid them and how to have fun playing money games in a safe & secure gaming settings.

All gambling scams have one goal – to make as considerably cash as potential without paying out winnings to their members. In many cases they ‘attract’ online gamblers with impossible chances in favour of the visitors. Those possibilities are undoubtedly misleading. A great and trusted on the internet casino is licensed, registered and audited and the payout percentages as well as the possibilities of the majority of money games in their portfolio are stated on their websites.

Another all time classics in scamming online players is to offer incredible bonuses when you fill out a dodgy online form with personal information you really shouldn’t provide them at all. Always examine if the web page is encrypted; you may tell by the https:// in your web browser.

My personal advice to avoid these scams is, check review sites and player boards. Before you play for real cash, go to quick games websites that provide you good rakeback offers and all types of games, e.g. mahjong games, card games, table games for play-money. Naturally, you won’t be able to win money without placing a real bet. You might also play games you are able to have already played; scratch cards for example. They provide you a great luck to win with favourable possibilities as good as 33%. One scratch card out of three is a winner.