Freeroll Strategy

Freeroll Poker Tournaments – Are Points Worth Playing For?

If you spent any time at an online poker room in the past few years, you’ve probably heard a lot about poker points. You’ve probably seen Freeroll poker tournaments awarding these poker points, as well. You may have even passed on a few opportunities to play in these free tournaments, because without a cash prize, it just doesn’t seem worth the time, right? Wrong – poker points may be worth a lot more than you think!

Poker points have a lot of different names in the online poker industry. Frequent Player Points (FPP), My Poker Points (MPP), Comp Points, Player Points, etc. No matter what they are called, they essentially do the same thing; grant more opportunities to the player.

If you’re a fan of Freeroll poker tournaments because they award real cash at no cost to the players, you already know that most online poker rooms only offer small cash prizes in regular, daily Freerolls; $50, $100, maybe the occasional $250. In order to get into a truly lucrative Freeroll competition – say a $10,000 prize pool – even though it is a “Freeroll”, the online poker room still wants something in return. Most often, that something is poker points.

If large cash-prize Freerolls don’t occur often enough, try inspecting the tournament schedule for other tournaments that accept points in place of buy-ins. While the idea behind professional Freerollers is to make a profit without spending a dime, this does not have to exclude buy-in tournament entries. Most online poker rooms host lucrative guaranteeds, satellites and other tournaments on a regular basis, allowing players to avoid the buy-in cost by accumulating enough poker points.

Points Freerolls are not the only way to gain poker points, but it is likely the only free way. Points are normally awarded for participating in raked cash games or for paying tournament fees (the little charge tacked onto a buy-in; i.e. $200 + $16). Both of these require spending money to make points. Points Freerolls cost nothing to enter.

Other benefits of poker points include the typical option to purchase merchandise, such as electronics and apparel with the poker room’s logo, as well as the favored ability to convert points to real cash. The rate is always high, but money is money, creating yet another way to enter buy-in tournaments without pulling anything out-of-pocket.

So, when you’re perusing your favorite online poker room for Freeroll poker tournaments, if there’s no cash-prize Freerolls available at the time, see if you can’t find some ‘Points’ Freerolls on the schedule. Perhaps the best value in these tournaments comes from knowing that most of your competitors don’t understand the genuine value of these points. The competition will be careless, leaving you to rake in the chips with just a little strategy and skilled patience.